Our Story Started with Donating Masks

I launched beExxtra to help match individuals buying masks with organizations that need them.  Here's why:

I didn’t want to sell masks but my close friends working in the Emergency Room in Chicago hospitals had to reuse masks with other shifts and told horror stories of other facilities without any at all.  Their existing suppliers had none to sell the hospitals, but I knew I had the connections and importing knowledge, so I had to act.

I already had a trusted sourcing agent in Asia on payroll from my main business, so ordering FDA approved masks from an FDA registered manufacturer was no problem. I was able to get a few orders, get the masks locally tested, and then add many on to those orders to give access to friends, family, and donate - because it's just impossible to import just small quantities.

The best part?  We're sending the masks YOU donate to local hospitals, nursing homes, and even all around the country, like a 911 center in North Carolina.  We want to help every first responder get a mask, and also our mail carriers, transit agents, and everyone keeping our world running while most of us stay home.

My main company is Nicholas Joseph, we offer made in Chicago bespoke suits and custom clothing, and my staff and business has been highly affected by the shutdown. Our fabrics are imported from Italy, but we regularly source tote bags, garment bags, collar stays, trims, packaging, and bits and pieces from China.  We make a small profit from our mask sales which I use to order more masks, to keep the lights on, and keep paying the staff at Nicholas Joseph - they have families too.

When I first imported masks, I got so many requests to buy small quantities of these masks that this website made sense to organize it all – while asking others to donate in exchange for access them.

It’s simple:

beExxtra safe, buy & wear a mask – and -

beExxtra kind, donate masks to the front lines fighting for us

Thank you for your patience, we are donating all of our time to import and coordinate these orders and it hasn’t been easy.  We’re all in this together – I challenge you to do your part with the resources and skills you have too.  ~Nick